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PKI (SSL) connection setup of client MQ and IIB tooling - Rfhutil

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HermesJMS connecting to MQ 8+

I have naturally looked over a number of blogs and forums on this subject whilst attempting to set this up, but I have yet to see a complete set of instructions. There always seems to be a corner cut somewhere. Naturally, I don't want to bunk this trend, but hopefully, I will cut one or two less corners.

Having said that, I do not intend to cover MQ or HemesJMS (nor indeed any of the other topics that arise, such as PKI/SSL) in any more depth than is required to specifically set up their connections. I am happy to cover these (with the exception of HermesJMS, which I know little of) in later posts.

Happy reading! ...

First of all, I did this within SoapUI 5.3 with the embedded HermesJMS. This was a Windows install of SoapUI, but I expect both the SoapUI and HermesJMS specific instructions will translate fairly well on to UNIX.

Secondly, in the spirit of my opening paragraph I am going to do this over SSL. I will use server authentication only (and not mutual authentic…